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Political discussions with a liberal or left of center focus, but everyone can participate.
Welcome to liberal_talk, a community where people from all political stripes can gather to discuss politics in a civil, constructive manner.

In order to keep our forum engaging, productive and enjoyable, please read through the following "rules of engagement." We consider this a First Amendment forum, and look forward to your participation. We also welcome your thoughts, suggestions and input on making this the very best political discussion community it can be.

1) Please - no flaming, unwarranted insults, or ad hominem attacks against other members. If you can't present your arguments in a civil fashion, we'd just as soon you not participate. Obviously, we understand and appreciate that political topics can be volatile, but let's keep it relatively polite. ☺

2) No advertising or spamming without the prior written consent of the maintainers. If in doubt, please e-mail your post to us in advance for review/approval.

3) No off-topic posts. If it's not in some way, shape, or form related to government or politics, it's off-topic.

4) Please do not post straight news stories or editorials by themselves (i.e. without constructive commentary). This is a
discussion forum, not a news feed.

5) Videos, political cartoons and other types of "non-text" entries are always welcome, but please put ALL large posts behind a cut so as not pollute other members' friends' lists. Posts that are excessively long with no lj-cut (or contain excessively graphics heavy images) will be immediately deleted. You will then have the option of re-posting them under a cut. If you aren't sure, then maybe a cut tag is needed.

6) Please do not post pornographic images of any kind. We have a number of young and/or sensitive readers, so let's respect them.

7) Please do not disable or delete comments. That is a job for the mods only.